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Heald College

One of the more established colleges in it’s area, Heald College has been helping people get qualified career training for over 140+ years. There are 11 campuses throughout the Western United States in the states of Oregon, California, and Hawaii. Programs are being offered in Business, Healthcare, Legal, and Technology.

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University of Phoenix

People look at a school as a door to better learning and a better future. When our teachers and school administrators look through our windows, they ask themselves:  What can we offer our students to prepare them for a better future? And always, we have a ready answer: Continue to empower students from all walks […]

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Bryan College

Competition in the work arena is getting more challenging and fiercer than it ever was. A college education has rightly earned its status as an essential tool that employers look for in their choice of men and women to work in industries, health care service, computer networking and information technology, and criminal justice. At Bryan […]

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Kaplan University

Kaplan University, today’s leader in distance learning, believes that a university should adapt to the needs of its students, and not the other way around. It should learn to innovate in the face of today’s new technological advances available in all fields of human endeavor, including teaching.

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Southwest Florida College

Southwest Florida College is career school that offers to guide you to take those steps leading to your career goals. Whether you want education and training for a new career or additional knowledge and skills to enhance your current occupation, their professional team is a just step away to take you there.

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Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln Technical Institute sees its role in the lives of Americans who seek to get on the right career track that will lead to professional success and a rewarding future.

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Dover Business College

At Dover Business College, a dedicated faculty and an administration is committed to helping you fulfill your highest potential to a unique learning opportunity. Dover College’s programs are consistent with sound educational principles that allow students to complete their training quickly. With skill specific training at Dover Business College you will utilize the most current computer software and technology and software in all appropriate areas of study.

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Keller Graduate School of Management

As one of the country’s leading providers of postgraduate education and training, the Keller Graduate School of Management has witnessed the shift from conventional knowledge-based teaching to the new industry-based strategic learning, while adopting its own practitioner-oriented graduate management degree programs.

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DeVry University (877) 834-9625

DeVry University may have the answer for you. It has over 75 years of experience and thousands of graduates. The university has more than 90 locations across the United States and in Canada from which to pursue a degree in Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s programs from five distinguished colleges—Business and Management, Engineering and Information Technology, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Media Arts and Technology.