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Kaplan University

Online. On campus. On your terms. This describes Kaplan University’s innovative course offerings, a new breakthrough in education that has broken traditional barriers and opened new doors to explore and learn.

Kaplan University, today’s leader in distance learning, believes that a university should adapt to the needs of its students, and not the other way around. It should learn to innovate in the face of today’s new technological advances available in all fields of human endeavor, including teaching.

Kaplan is an accredited university offering graduate and undergraduate education, with more than 125 degrees and programs available in campus and online. So far, there are 10 campuses across the states of Iowa, Nebraska, and Maryland serving 63,000 online and campus-based students taking up a full complement of undergraduate and graduate courses.

Kaplan University is a unique kind of university operating under a different school of thought, far removed from what it believes is an educational system that’s stuck in the past and in dire need of change. It believes that it is moving towards the school of the future, where classrooms may have to be replaced by more appropriate and efficient learning media, perhaps not in one sweep, but slowly yet deliberately.

The change is not to be instituted by universities, but by students who have been exposed to electronic media and have become increasingly more receptive to this kind of learning. At Kaplan University, they do not make the choice for you, but rather we encourage you to make your own choice.

For example, you can choose to attend a campus class at a set time or log into an online class at your convenience. If you are a visual learner, an online class may not work for you as it involves a great amount of reading. On the other hand, if you have good reading comprehension, then an online class can be a better choice.

Either way, they have a dedicated team of teachers and advisers to help you achieve your academic goals and prepare you with the tools and training you need for the career advancement you want to achieve. They have them both online and in campus, ready to provide individualized counseling and guidance through actual face-to-face encounters or through virtual career fairs and webinars.

This system works well for over 10,000 students from across the United States enrolled in our online program, where a system is in place to ensure that you learn the same amount of material in either an online or campus class, using the same textbooks and applying the same assignments.

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Kaplan University Review by Risha Nicole, July 19, 2011

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They kept bugging and calling me so that I could attend their campus, but their school wasn’t even all that. They are very unprofessional and dont have very good programs, UEI college is way better than Kaplan College.

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