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Daymar College

Times and technology change – as do most other things in this technology-driven age. Daymar College has changed, too. From its original name, Owensboro Junior Business College when it opened in 1963, to the present Daymar College, now with more campuses and more programs to offer.

But there are few fundamental ideals that won’t change with time and technology at Daymar College, one of which is our timeless commitment to provide the same quality instruction and relevant education people have come to expect from Daymar College.

From the junior college that it was 47 years ago, Daymar College is now a duly accredited school offering over 35 career tracks in 13 different academic programs. It is accredited by the Accredited Council for Independent College and School (ACICS), a U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting agency.

It is likewise supported by additional accreditation from the state level as a measure to ensure that the college meets the minimum quality standards set for degree- or certificate-giving schools and colleges. This is the public’s assurance that a school or college provides excellent training and education.

Daymar College offers mostly business courses, including accounting, billing and coding, bookkeeping, business administration technology, business management, criminal justice, human resource management, medical assistant, business administration, and business management.  In the light of a growing demand in medical courses, the college has likewise expanded its programs to include medical assisting and health care administration.

In recognition of its effective computer technology program, Daymar College was chosen as a member of Microsoft Authorized Academic Training Program (AATP) and a Prometric Testing Center and a Microsoft Office specialist test site.

To accommodate its growing number of students, Daymar College has moved from its old building in 1999 to a sprawling 6.4-acre property at Buckland Square in Owensboro, Kentucky. In another strategic move designed to expand its reach and make education easier to obtain, Daymar College has ventured into online operation. The college offers five different programs to choose from, both business and health. The college awards certificates of completion, certifications, diplomas, and/or associate degrees for students who take up and complete the courses they choose.

In fact, Daymar College will continue to adjust and adapt to changes to satisfy the changing needs of students and the job market. It believes students need not be threatened by new technologies as they impact on employment as long as they are willing to learn new skills, in-campus or online.

Daymar College is committed to providing a warm, friendly, nurturing atmosphere where students can learn the skills required to obtain the careers they need and embrace the lives they want to secure for them and their families.

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Daymar College Review by Jacob Sterret, April 25, 2010

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I’m a recent graduate of Daymar College. No complaints from me. My expectations were set from orientation and matched to what was delivered at the time of graduation.

Daymar College Review by kello, December 27, 2010

  • Not Rated

this is a terible school, i went there two years and am ashame to say i went there,,nashville campus should be tore down

Daymar College Review by Jennifer, March 28, 2011

  • Not Rated

This school is a joke. Everyone is given an A regardless of what grade they should get. If you stay on course, you are guaranteed a degree, however, it is difficult to find a job with a Daymar degree and IF you do, there is a high likelihood that you will not know the material you were supposed to learn in school. Daymar college should be shut down..it is a scam! There is currently a lawsuit in Louisville, KY against the school because of the quality of education. I know a former instructor and she was reprimanded for failing two students in fact, failed their midterms. She was told to pass all students regardless of their performance…she quit that night. They also tell you their credits are transferrable and they are..if you can find a school who will take them. I know for a fact that other reputable schools will not accept them becuase, and i quote “they pass everyone”. Please do not give these people money, that is all they are after!

Daymar College Review by Allie, May 3, 2011

  • Not Rated

I have to agree that Daymar College is a joke. I am almost done with my Paralegal classes & the material we are SUPPOSED to know, they don’t teach us! I am currently a student in the Bellevue, Kentucky location and they are the biggest joke their is! Staff turnover since I have been there is just ridiculous! Never get to know someone’s name, because they are not there long at all!
Our instructor for Criminal Justice & Paralegal was fired after the first week of the Spring 2011 quarter. We have a replacement (didn’t know that for 3 weeks) and the old teachers position is being filled by a very good teacher (but she will likely not be asked back after this quarter) We also lost our Director of Education during the 2nd week of the Spring 2011 quarter (and I don’t know who is going to fill that position!
They are the biggest joke, if I wasn’t so close to finishing-I would try and find a different school, but like you said–try finding a school where our credits will transfer to–that is a hard thing to do!!!!

Daymar College Review by Intelligent One, May 11, 2011

  • Not Rated

This school does not follow its own rules. Accreditation is great, but they do not follow compliance. I have had instructors who were told “to get them out of here” and pass students who were not passing the class and had no chance of doing so. Students can choose to show up to class long enough to be counted with attendance and then leave without consequence. So many of us students are paying good money to attend this school and will never actually work in the field of our choice because of the reputation Daymar has made for themselves. Both local and national reputation is lost. The high turn over of instructors and administration should say something as well. I attended other schools where the Dean’s had worked for the college/university for 10 plus years. We are lucky to see one last at Daymar longer than two or three quarters. Instructors are not full-time and are constantly looking to move on and usually do, which means, once again, we get new instructors every term. Not sure what the corporate people do, but we never see them on our campus. We hear their names and are told the rules, but not sure if these people even exist. Also, some of the students in my classes brag about receiving free courses and books because they called the corporate office to complain. I am not even sure what to complain about, or I would try it myself. I have decided to leave Daymar after this current term and explore other educational institutions. I hope many of you follow as well.

Daymar College Review by Marge, May 16, 2011

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If you have been sucked into Daymar, get out and run away now.
Warn anybody you know to stay away.

This is a high-priced diploma mill.
Students end up with a huge debt to pay back and little or no chances of getting a career with a useless education.
They want any and all money such as Pell, VA, GI Bill, and the students still have to take out enormous loans to pay the balance of the tuition and overpriced books and supplies.

Daymar College Review by Scammed by Daymar, July 12, 2011

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Feel sorry for all the students still sitting in the seats at the Daymar socalled colleges. They have been told by admissions that they are training for good paying high demand jobs. That is a total lie. Admissions just flat out lie to get people to sign up. They only want the money and don’t care how far into debt they put you.

Daymar College Review by Keshauna Nicole, November 24, 2011

  • Not Rated

I do agree that Daymar is a joke. My first encounter with them was they signed me up for full time and I was part time. I immediately pointed out “their” mistake and they told me I was responsible for paying for that class even after they removed me from the class. They charged me for the same 2 books twice, even after I told them not to send me that book. They told me they would mail me a return to sender form and never sent it. So a week later I tried to mail book back and they said they can’t accept it. Charged me for that book. I was told credits would transfer and they don’t! Last, but not least, I was took a “break” of absence from school for medical surgery, was told numerous times I could return without penality. When in fact I contacted them, they said I owe a balance from previous stated incidents. (6 credits from graduation). When I spoke with the Director she stated that she never said that.

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